AgileMD – Front-End Software Engineer – San Francisco or Remote – Full-Time

At AgileMD, we are building the most advanced real-time predictive analytics and clinical algorithms platform for hospitals. Our cloud-based engine helps thousands of doctors and nurses around the country make medical decisions, so that every patient receives the highest quality and value of care based on the latest medical knowledge and data.

AgileMD is a uniquely challenging product. We take the most complex workflows that health institutions have and give the people managing those workflows a simple, beautiful interface for managing them. We deliver the same for point-of-care decision support tools that analyze massive amounts of data and provide medical staff with an easily digestible, actionable and intuitive interfaces for ensuring patients get the highest quality of care. Healthcare has traditionally left users in the dust with horrible UIs, bad experiences and few alternatives – this is unacceptable, so we are bringing the best tools to those who need it most.

We’re looking for engineers who are excited by these challenges, who design well-thought out, highly-maintainable code bases and know how to build one in a team-based setting. You’ll be joining a lean engineering team and stepping into a role with high expectations, broad flexibility and responsibility, and comprehensive support to help you succeed. Our product road map is full of opportunities to solve hard problems that truly touch and change the course of patient lives. We need a perpetual learner with an appetite for challenges to join our team.

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