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Hey, I’m Brendan – a UX/UI & product designer working remotely.

Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Interaction Design. I have over 7+ years of experience designing and developing sites and UI/UX for small business owners and startups. Websites, web applications, and mobile apps.

From SaaS B2B startups to B2C applications to small business websites – I’ve been blessed to have worked with many wonderful entrepreneurs and clients over the past years.

I’m available for:

• UX/UI & Product Designer Partner – I work as a partner of your team (through Slack or Skype) to design and guide the direction of your new or current digital product.

• UX/UI Redesign & Modern Refresh – Your current UX is poor and needs a complete or partial revamp. I can pinpoint issues and give it a modern design facelift.

• Design Sprints & Prototyping – I can help turn that idea in your head into a fully-designed product using my design sprint process.