New comment by cewald in "Ask HN: Who is hiring? (December 2020)" | (Javascript | Python) Software Developer Coach | REMOTE only | Contract to hire is a developer-first company, laser focused on creating opportunities for early-career developers to level up. We are hiring an experienced JavaScript developer who loves to teach. You’ll support a group of early-career software developers as they work on applications in your language of expertise. Responsibilities include: 1-on-1 and 1-to-few mentorship, code review, pair programming, and a dash of community building.

The ideal candidate has enough on-the-job problem solving experience to coach early-career developers, competency with the language, tools, and libraries of their stack, experience contributing to open source, and strong communication skills. Individuals who are high-empathy, social, and well spoken will thrive in this role. You should be ready to enthusiastically teach best practices of software engineering and remote work.

While you are focused on helping early-career developers, we will be focused on helping you. Our founder has over a decade of industry experience and has an equally long track record of helping their teammates advance in their careers.

Requirements: You will be responsible for a group of developers working on applications within your domain of knowledge. This is an opportunity for a full time engagement only. We are looking for experience in the following areas:

    - General: Git / GitHub, Code Review, Pair Programming, Shell, REST APIs
    - JavaScript: Node, React, Jest, Eslint
    - Python: Django, Flask, ML

Apply here: