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Gentwo | C#/Vuejs Developer | Zürich | Onsite (CH) | 80%/Full time |

We are a Zurich based financial services company, offering tailor made issuance solutions for financial products. We also have a related child company that helps make any crypto/digital assets fully investable, with a swiss ISIN.

We’re hiring for C# or VueJs developers, either standalone or with both skills. You’d be implementing new projects, expanding existing tools we have and helping support the current platform. We have a relatively new tech stack of Kubernetes, Gitlab, Vuejs 2+3, .Net 5, Postgres and Gitlab. We have some flexibility to working time, several of us work 4/5 days a week, including myself. Swiss work permit/EU required.

We’re hiring due to excellent performance so far, a rapidly growing business and some plans for large new greenfield projects!

You can directly send me an email/CV at sb AT; we’re still a small company and have quick and efficient hiring practices.

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