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Location: India

Remote: Yes(Only)

Willing to relocate: No

Technologies: Java, Spring, Go, C#, Docker, Kubernetes, General relational DBs, Allegrograph(graph DB using SPARQL)

Résumé/CV: Available on request


Email: ajayvignesh [dot] k [at] (no spaces anywhere)

I’m a senior backend developer with 8 years of experience. I pragmatically follow clean code(SOLID) principles, TDD and CI/CD practices in the projects that I work on. I’ve also been a tech trainer in brief stints.

Am interested to works with orgs that can provide

  * Full remote option.
* Work life balance, with focus on mindful, well engineered solutions. NOTE: Occasional stretches are okay as long as it averages out over a span of under 3 months.
* Transparency & fairness in the organization.
* Interesting peers who set the bar high (and also have low ego).
* Environment that's invested in everyone's career growth.
* Knowledge work, need not be restricted to software dev.

I would love to work on Rust(which I’ve been picking up at my leisure). Am also aspiring to work on Distributed Systems.

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