New comment by HopLabs in "Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (April 2021)"

SEEKING FREELANCER | Software Development Engineer (ML) | Remote (U.S.)

At Hop Labs, we build technology that meaningfully impacts people’s lives. We work on a variety of projects in a range of industries, from fighting cancer through deep learning, to training a computer to help you find the best-fitting pair of pants.

We are looking to work with an intermediate-to-senior level engineer who:

– has a familiarity with computer vision / machine learning, and an interest in developing those skills.

– enjoys solving research-grade problems at scale, for real business impact.

– is comfortable proposing end-to-end technical architectures that balance modularity, scalability, operations, security, and cost.

– strives for clarity and simplicity, in code and in communication.

If you’re a technologist who wants to work on projects that make a difference, please reach out to us.