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Synthego | Redwood City, CA | Full Stack Engineer | DevOps Engineer | Front-End Engineer | ONSITE

Synthego is a mature biotech startup, developing an industrialized CRISPR genetic editing platform.

About the DevOps Engineer role:

  - Deploy a variety of microservices and monitoring.
  - Containerization of microservices.
  - Tech stack: AWS, CI/CD, Linux, Docker, Python
  More about the Sr. DevOps role:
  More about the role:

About the Full Stack Engineer role:

  - Add new functionality to our LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), enabling scientists to automate and improve their workflow.
  - Tech stack: Django and React
  - Non-CS backgrounds are also welcome.
  More about the role:

About the Front End Engineer role:

  - Develop real-time UI (eg. websockets).
  - Collaborate with users and develop UI for factory/lab software and tools.
  - Tech stack: Python, JavaScript/TypeScript, Node.js, React
  More about the role:

All open positions:

Reach out at: recinternal [at] gmail dot com