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SEEKING WORK | Germany or remote | DevOps strategy and (as a hobby) implememtation

I’m a senior DevOps person. My mission is to enable teams to work together better, faster, more enjoyably.

I firmly believe that engineering is what happens when engineers talk to one another. I
enable teams by making them understand what they can do and what they feel they should be doing.
It’s not enough to work on one aspect of your practice; instead you’ll need to address improvements at all levels.

To that end I offer everything you need to level up your development efforts:

* training on cultural aspects of DevOps
* training on methods used in DevOps
* training on technology to support DevOps
* ongoing consulting and coaching
* potentially, some hands-on work to get your tech stack off the ground

I’m also pretty active in the community, and am happy to speak at events or on podcasts.



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