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Primer | Data, Dev Ops, API, Distributed System Engineers | REMOTE |

Growth marketing has boomed in recent years and every B2B company needs a tailored, data-driven approach to their market in order to win business. Primer is enabling these companies to accomplish this much faster without having to engineer an expensive system.

We’ve bootstrapped ourselves to supporting a team of four and are quietly finding our way into the growth marketing playbooks of top B2B companies in Silicon Valley. We’re experienced founders that have built successful companies and are looking to create a business aimed at solving hard problems for our customers, generating real, sustainable revenue, and providing a supporting environment for our team (most of the team has young kids and we support a flexible schedule).

Our stack is React/Node, but we’re positioning ourselves to invest in scaling to meet the demands of our data-intensive, distributed workflows. We’re looking for experienced, thought partners to help us architect a solution for the future (Elixir, Go, Clojure, Kotlin, Haskell, Rust). The roles we’d like to fill are:

* Dev Ops Engineer (AWS/Kubernetes)

* Data Engineer (ETL/API)

* Senior Back End Engineer

We can offer a very competitive salary and significant equity in addition to other benefits.

Interested? Feel free to contact me directly at juan [at]