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Virginia Cyber Range / Blacksburg, VA / ONSITE / can support VISA / Software Developer (TypeScript/Node.js/Vue)

We’re a state-funded organization attached to Virginia Tech (same benefits as provided through University). We provide a platform, community, and courseware to support cybersecurity education in the state’s public K-12 and higher education. We leverage “the cloud” to spin up hundreds of thousands of virtual machines so students can practice real hacking offense and defense. By popular demand, we have created an offshoot organization to provide services to non-Virginia & private schools called the US Cyber Range.

A software developer on this team would work in an agile/scrum environment to help control access to the student servers with our own “light weight LMS”. We have additional projects in the works to further support the platform and community around Cyber security education. The whole stack is typescript, and nearly everything is serverless (aside from student machines).

Typically 24 days vacation/year. Upfront sick leave. Retirement. Healthcare. Small organization (~13 FTE, ~6 are DevOps). Tuition waivers for continuing education a Virginia Tech.

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