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Canexia Health | Vancouver, BC, Canada | On-Site or Remote | Devops Engineer
We believe everyone with cancer should have the same fighting chance to survive and thrive.We work in a rapidly evolving field that attracts smart, talented people who are committed to making a difference for cancer patients. But not everyone has access to those advances, which are all too often limited to patients at elite medical institutions or those who know someone who ‘knows someone’ working in our field. People who join us are dedicated to bringing equity and access to critical aspects of cancer care.
The DevOps Engineer is a part of the software team that works within a cross functional structure with software developers, bioinformaticians and lab scientists. You are a highly motivated individual with a penchant for automation and a desire to deliver quality software by increasing our DevOps maturity. Our tech is largely open-stack, with a lot of Python, Javascript, Django, AWS EC2, Ansible and Docker. Your work directly helps identify targeted treatments and clinical trials that can benefit cancer patients. If this is you, check out our posting: if you have any questions, email mmchenry@canexiahealthcom