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SEEKING WORK | Remote | Full-Stack Web Designer and Developer

Hi, I am Muhammad CTO of Softaims ( a complete software agency in Pakistan.
We have worked on almost every stack of development (Backend + frontend + DevOps)

Our Recent work
My Resume…
– Front-end JS: Stimulus.js, Vue.js, Reactjs, JQuery, Vanilla js ( 5 Year of experience)
– Front-end UI development: HTML5, SLIM, SCSS, LESS, Bootstrap, UIKIT and Vuetify ( 5 Year of experience)
– Back-end: Ruby on Rails, PHP Laravel, Phyton ( 4 Year of experience)
– Databases: PostgreSQL, SQL ( 4 Year of experience)
– Servers: Heroku, AWS ( 3 Year of experience)
– Code Management Tools: Github, Bitbucket ( 5 Year of experience)
– CI : Circle CI, Capybara, Rspecs ( 3 Year of experience)

Thank you for taking the time to review my letter. I am looking forward to hearing back from you for further process.