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Reserve | Remote | Full-time | (en) (es) | BitTorrent meets CashApp

Our users are transacting $1 million per day on our platform now. We’ve hired four great engineers via this HN post and are continuing to patiently build our engineering team.

Here’s a 10-min intro:

With our digital USD app built on react native and flask, we help our users in Venezuela and Argentina cope with hyperinflation. Users can buy USD with their local currency in order to hold and transact freely in dollars, something they can’t easily do otherwise.

Unless you have experienced high inflation and capital controls you may not understand our product – basically, if your money is losing its value quickly and you aren’t allowed to convert to a stable currency, that really sucks. Our app helps you solve that, hence “BitTorrent meets CashApp.”

We’re a silicon-valley-born project backed by Sam Altman and Peter Thiel personally, but these days we’re spread across the US, Latin America, and Europe. We’re open to team members from anywhere.

Long term, we’re on our way to offering a stable asset-backed cryptocurrency that is detached from the US dollar.

– front end:

– back end:

– full stack:

– web3:

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