New comment by pknerd in "Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (December 2020)"

Remote: Yes

Technologies: Web Development(Laravel, Flask, Django). ETL(Airflow, Bonobo, Spark). Web Scraping(Beautifulsoup, Selenium, Scrapy).

How can I be helpful? You could hire me for the following but not specific to it:

Code/System optimization: I could help to improve your system/website performance by checking code, Db Queries and Db itself. For websites, I can help to see what requests are unnecessary and how to minimize them and Db management.

Web Development: I am quite comfortable in Laravel and Flask but could also work in Django.

Product Development: I could take care of entire product development cycle.

ETL/Optimization: I can help in Data Scraping, writing data/ETL pipelines and automation tools to make your life easier.

Code Janitor/System Optimization: I can help you to improve both front/backend system speed, refactoring old code. Porting old code to new version. I am mainly focusing on PHP at the moment but could deal with Laravel as well.





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