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Pelican Community:
The Pelican Community is the Uber of international delivery. Through the Pelican Community, an overseas online shopper can now order from any country’s e-commerce store even if they don’t ship internationally, and get their items delivered to them in hours to few days compared to current international delivery time ranging from weeks to months.
We are achieving that by using the existing daily 22 million international passengers from each to every major city in the world, we use their remaining free luggage space to deliver items heading to the same destination.
The result, Passengers make up to $400 per flight while online shoppers get access to any country’s e-commerce store and get their items delivered them cheaper and faster than ever!
Check us out at (Website is currently down for Maintenance)

Location: Toronto, NYC, Washington DC or Remote North America

-Looking for an entrepreneurial CTO

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-Entrepreneurial Business Development Manager

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This is a great opportunity to join an ambitious, mission-driven startup taking on the $1tn+ logistics Market. We’re Pre-revenue and Pre-seed.
If you’re interested, apply via the AngelList link or email me your Resume/LinkedIn at or