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William Hill US | Functional Programmer | Jersey City, NJ, USA | ONSITE | Full Time
The thing that distinguishes our team (and the reason I chose to work here) is that our CIO is a functional programming evangelist who understands that you can’t just hire a team of FP enthusiasts – rather, you hire great engineers interested in being challenged and train them to become FP enthusiasts. We have a formal training program (“Scala U”) that will show you basic scala syntax but its real purpose is to train people in how to become functional programmers with a combination of mentorship, pairing, classroom, exercises, and books. He’s easy to talk to and super-enthusiastic, and I personally have learned a lot from him.

Here is the job description:

We also have openings in devops, front end, and iOS, and other technical and non-technical roles.

Feel free to send me questions: My hackernews username at gmail.