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Cookie.AI | Remote | Full time

Cookie.AI, Inc. is a stealth startup based in the Silicon Valley / Bay Area. We are building a SaaS-based data privacy and security platform for the dynamic world of cybersecurity. We are well-funded and backed by top-tier VCs and CEOs as our angel investors. The founders and early team have very strong entrepreneurial experiences, late stage startups, and big companies. We are looking for early engineers (distributed systems engineers, SaaS platform engineers, security engineers) with strong interests in big data / machine learning / security / SaaS. You will play a critical role in building data products, working closely with customers, and collaborating with senior engineers who have built and shipped $1B+ products. You will gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies (Presto, Kafka, Golang, Docker, K8s, Figma, React.js, etc.) and many others from the open-source world. We are looking for characteristics such as ambition, commitment to build a company, passion to build products, and intellectual curiosity to innovate! Please reach out: hello AT