Soul Asylum Studios Group sees success with the SA25M studio monitor

Although much of the world lay in uncertain times, one company has found reason to be thankful with success in its latest product. Soul Asylum Studios Acoustics & Design Firm (SASA&DF) is celebrated for being a one hundred per cent Black-owned business and has received enormous support from the music technology community for its SA25M audio monitor.

Rafael Capone, the creator of the SA25M says: “Being an engineer myself, I experienced the need for a higher quality sound at a faster and more efficient rate. I knew it wasn’t anything on the market that would satisfy my needs, so I had to create it”.

RC With SA25M

“However”, he continues, “I was not sure about the timing of releasing the SA25M during a world in distress. My thought was, this is a premium speaker. Is it needed when the economy is in upheaval? But my phone continued to ring with inquiries, so the motivation to bring the SA25M’s into fruition was immediate and necessary.”

The SA25M offers a wide-range frequency response thanks to six drivers and DSP technology, boasting a stable and balanced low-mid frequency reproduction, with a defined mid and high-frequency response. SASA&DF has received positive feedback from esteemed engineers and producers, including Billboard top charting producer, Chuckey Charles, and Grammy-winning mix engineer, Jeremiah Adkins.

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