The 10 Best Scary Sounds and Horror Sample Packs for Spooky Tracks

Spooky season is upon us and it’s the perfect time to hunker down and make boo-eats and “trick or tracks.”

To make your Halloween themed soundtrack you’ll need an ample selection of scary sounds, cursed samples, blood-curdling screams and horrifying SFX.

That’s why we’ve pieced together a list of the best scary sound packs and horror samples.

What—are you scared? Let’s dive in.

1. Neon Nightmare – Dark Synthwave

Worthy of a retro-horror soundtrack, the Neon Nightmare sample pack is your go-to for 80s themed synth drones, leads and chords.

Get samples that sound like they came from the opening credits of an old school slasher flick.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AANN_Bass_Neon_Dark_keyBmin_85bpm

2. Stranger Sounds

If the sound pack’s namesake doesn’t give it away, this sample pack is based on the critically lauded soundtrack of a certain Netflix series involving a Demogorgon and the number eleven.

Fun fact: the ARP 2600 was the legendary synth that was used to make the series’ soundtrack.

Our favorite sample from the pack: ESR_SRS_Arp_Loops_4_Fmin_85bpm

3. Dark & Scary Vocals

Demonic cackles, howling werewolves, screaming demons. That’s what you’ll find in Dark & Scary Vocals.

Perfect for adding some SFX pads to your Halloween night DJ set.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Vocal_35_125bpm

4. Freakin Scary EDM Vocals

Every Halloween DJ mix needs a mix of scary vocal cameos from a demonic sounding voice.

This sample pack delivers with scary sounding phrases and effects to remind your audience that it’s Halloween and it’s time to party.

Our favorite sample from the pack: 125BPM_DVL_DONT_CARE

5. In Da Vault – Drill & Trap

This cursed vault of spooky samples is open for the taking. This is your go-to for, trap and drill samples that stay true to the horror trap sub-genre.

Find creeping leadlines, unsettling chord progressions and jarring trap drum loops.

Our favorite sample from the pack: AAID_Trap_Melodic Loop_160_Emin_sacred

6. Evolved Game Creatures – Monster Sounds

Who doesn’t love when everything starts falling apart in a scary movie.

Personally, I find that moment when the monsters and beasts are unleashed and all hell breaks loose strangely comforting.

One thing is for sure, a scary climax won’t have any impact without some good monster sounds like the ones you’ll find in this sample pack.

Our favorite sample from the pack: ESM_One_Shot_Vocal_Sphinx_Monster_Attack_1_Saber_T

7. Horror Strings

Okay, strings are definitely the scariest instrument. Listening to this pack reminded me of how nauseating and unsettling they can be.

And how much a simple dissonant drone over a slow-moving wide camera shot can create an incredibly scary atmosphere.

If you need strings that’ll make anyone’s hair stand up, this sample pack is for you.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Mildly_Perilous_Atmospheres_60BPM_Modal_1_ST

8. Symphonic Series Vol 11: Horror & Mystery

If a simple string arrangement doesn’t offer enough oomph for you, may I suggest the Horror & Mystery Symphonic Series where you’ll find horror-themed orchestral samples?

Get crawling woodwinds, dissonant compositions, spoken incantations, a demonic choir and more!

Our favorite sample from the pack: PL_SS11_01_Choir_42-52_120_A_Minor_Wet

9. Spooky House

Inspired by the dark industrial sounds of techno and house, this pack comes with everything you need to put a spooky atmosphere into your dance tracks.

Find pulsing scrapes, creepy vocal effects, cinematic effects that are reminiscent of something you might hear on an Ed Banger record.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Fx_3

10. Ultimate Horror Fx

If you’re still looking for that perfect horror sound here’s a great scary sound pack that’s full of sickening sounds, tense drones, creep sound effects and much more.

You’re bound to find what you need for your spooky track or scary film.

Our favorite sample from the pack: Drone_01_Em_125bpm


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